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Sunday stems from the Middle English word sunnenday, which itself comes from the Old English word sunnandæg. 

Regardless, Sunday seems to be that day in between laziness and the fear of the Monday. 

Being the last day of the weekend, here are our top tips to make Sunday's a little bit more special and warm: 

  • Lay your table (whether it is just for yourself or for 2, 4 or as many as you like). Even if it is just eggs and toast or uber eats, take out a placemat, tablecloth or simply just a napkin. We can't stress the therapeutic nature of making something special for yourself - it is called "self-care"

  • Pour yourself a nice glass of something in the biggest wine glass you can find. Cupping a delicate glass between your hands, changes your mindset. Remember this can be a glass of wine or if you don't drink, a non-alcoholic drink such as "Yes You Can" or "Ginger Beer" or really whatever tickles your fancy. Make sure the glass is as big as you can find. This will make you slow down and take some time for yourself. And if you are setting the table for breakfast, find your biggest mug cup you can find. Our favourite is our scalloped edged mugs so you can sip between the curves - which you is featured on our instagram

  • Find any glass you use for water and throw in some flowers from a walk in the garden, down the street, or your supermarket. Looking at something different in your home, mentally changes your mindset. Imagine, after your bath sitting down to something quaint, something different, something you. 

Take 10 minutes out of your every Sunday and make something special for yourself or your family. We promise you it will change the mindset of you or your family. 

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