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Founder of Mrs Tablescape

Carolyn Dorrian, the founder of Mrs Tablescape has loved to create unique table settings for her family and friends. With the increased requirement to stay at home (due to COVID-19 lockdowns), she found herself escaping to the vintage yet contemporary world of tablescaping and table setting. 

Carolyn is also a 11 year lawyer with a law firm head quartered in Sydney and a mother to a 3 year old. She understands the need for objects or tablescaping services to talk to the customer and to be of high-quality uniqueness and never shies away from the hard work and creative patience that has fuelled some of the collections. 

Her love and style of Tablescapes is a result of her worldly layered background... considering herself Australian but born in America with Russian Jewish, Scottish and Indian heritage, now living between Sydney, Australia and Singapore.


One of the most exciting aspect of Mrs Tablescape is the hand made ceramics that have taken over 6 months to create through experimentation. Tatyana Bykova is the most skilled in-house ceramist. She magically brings Mrs Tablescape's dreams into artform. Like Carolyn, Tatyana's passion was born out of the need to make new and beautiful objects ever day. 

Mrs Tablescape intends to change the dinnerware trend from mass produced plates to one in a kind hand made ceramics that are both microwaveable and dishwasher safe.

Pasta Maker

Netalina Simundza, originally a HR executive, has turned her grandmother's memories into the most incredible and super trendy high-end colourful pasta. "When in Rome" pasta is featured on Mrs Tablescape because it embodies warmth, sophistication, vibrancy and the need to make memories with family and friends. Currently the pasta is available in Australia but we are working to have this sent internationally. 

Candle Painters

Both Carolyn and in-house painter, Paula Tique, have spent weeks experimenting with safe non-toxic acrylic paints and designs on a 40cm dinner candle. Each candle takes around 2 hours to paint and involves 3 different layers. They are truly works of mixed media art. 

Block Print & Embroiderer

Ashish Chhipa is the most patient textile professional that has turned Carolyn's drawings into real life fabric masterpieces. After months of trials waiting for the right weather to hand print on the fabric, luxurious table linens were created. 

Many more artists & artisans

There are so many more artists that we would like to feature and we will be doing monthly case stories of each of Mrs Tablescape's BTS artists. 

Maximalism. Luxe. Sophistication.